Hunting the Gunslinger by Cecily Quinn (ePUB)

hunting gunslinger, cecily quinn

Hunting The Gunslinger by Cecily Quinn – Free eBooks Download


Longing to leave behind a life on the run, love is the last thing on Jessie’s mind.
Jessie Calhoun has a secret. Masquerading as bounty hunter Kid Aaron, each day brings constant fear of being found by her tyrannical father and forced to return to a life she despises. With her dream to become a rancher feeling out of reach and fading fast, Jessie agrees to track down a wanted killer for a reward big enough to solve all her problems. Capturing him was the easy part. The bigger problem is, she’s not convinced he’s guilty. Plus, he’s impossibly handsome…

Gray Hammond and his brother have been wrongfully accused of murder.
Desperate to escape the hangman’s noose, Gray doesn’t have time to deal with a clever young bounty hunter who threatens his plans to clear his name. But when he discovers the boy under the hat and britches is the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen, he’s forced to reconsider who he can—or can’t—trust. So much more is now at stake than his own freedom. Both unlikely partners stand to lose everything. Their only hope is to trust each other to find justice. And in the process, they might discover a life bigger than either of them could have dreamed of…

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