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Kalpar (How the Aliens Were Won #6) by Honey Phillips – Free eBooks Download


A ruthless alien, a lonely woman, and a dangerous plan…

Constance has everything she could possibly want – everything except freedom. The material luxuries her father provides are no substitute, especially since his only interest in her is as a pawn in one of his games.
When a massive alien warrior snatches her away from her gilded cage, she should be terrified. Instead she finds herself responding to the hidden loneliness behind that icy facade
Kalpar learned long ago that females could not be trusted. His only loyalty is to his fellow warriors, and he will do anything to keep them safe – even kidnap the daughter of a ruthless crime lord.
Yet Constance is nothing like he expected. Her innocence, her trust, call to a part of him that he had buried long ago. But he needs answers and she is the key. Will he have to sacrifice her in order to protect his companions?

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