Back That Sass Up by Celeste King (ePUB)

back that sass, celeste king

Back That Sass Up (Enemies to Mates #2) by Celeste King – Free eBooks Download


Gamer hot girl matched with Kaleth killer.
Let’s get ready to rumble.
It’s hard being an attractive girl in a male dominated field.
So when a government agent knocks on my door saying they need my help to save the galaxy, I immediately think I’m being punked.
Then, a horned, muscled, 8-feet tall alien warrior bursts through my door and I know my life has taken a turn into the Twilight Zone.

People are telling me this alien caveman is my fated mate.
He’s so over the top.
Probably the last living being in the galaxy to not realize wrestling is fake.
And taking him out to social events makes 2020 look like a picnic.
Still, I think I like the big lug.
See, it’s how he looks at me.
He just wants to love me. Get me barefoot and pregnant with his alien babies.

Usually they send genetic matches on a thirty day vacation to get to know each other.
For us, they gave us a mission instead.
To work together to save the Earth from annihilation.
Geez. Talk about a high pressure date.

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