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They’re marrying me off to a monster.
I always knew the day would come. I just didn’t think it would be so soon.
I’m betrothed.
I imagined my future husband would be some minor lord who would only value me for the fact that I would bear him heirs.
I never thought father would go to the capital and seek an audience with Emperor Valdon Duthriss himself. What unholy deal did he make that I, a mere baron’s daughter, would end up betrothed to that man?
The son.
Corvan Duthriss.
War hero. Commander. Fallen.
They say the war in the Northlands changed him. Alongside his armies, he fought dark magic in the mountains. It transformed him. They say he’s changed beyond recognition. That he refuses to show his face in the capital because he can no longer walk under the sun.
He’s also the emperor’s firstborn.
The once-heir to the Rahavan Empire.
And it’s unheard of for a baron’s daughter like me to marry into the powerful Duthriss family.
They’re shipping me off before winter’s end. To the cold, forbidding north. To the Cursed Archduke of Tyron.
I’ll go. I have no choice. There’s too much at stake.
I can only pray that Corvan Duthriss isn’t as terrible as the rumors make him out to be.

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