Davon’s Salvation by Kitt Lynn (ePUB)

davon's salvation, kitt lynn

Davon’s Salvation (Casin Village #2) by Kitt Lynn – Free eBooks Download


My pack is my life.
Casin is a small village along the edge of a vicious mountain range. The lands here are thick with horrible monsters breathing down our neck and threatening my people at every turn. And we’re starting to lose ground.
Due to outdated ideals of omegas our numbers are quickly shrinking, making our tiny village grow more vulnerable every year. My people have spent generations judging the fragile creatures as weak and unworthy of mating, but it’s time to change that. As Pack Alpha, it’s my duty to set an example and take a mate. An omega.
I honestly thought this arranged mating was the best way to grow and strengthen my pack—it was a smart and political move—but it’s had a disturbing affect on me and my wolf.
Lady Calia is distracting, alluring, addicting. She’s a temptress with velvety dark eyes and an alluring determination I’ve never seen in her kind. She turns my wolf into a slobbering mess every time she enters the fucking room.
I have never been one to have any kind of patience for love or other such nonsense, but this tiny omega has me obsessed. I’m pulled to her. Compelled. Consumed. She’s everything to my beast, and I fucking hate it.

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