Villainous Tendencies by Emily Elder (ePUB)

villainous tendencies emily elder

Villainous Tendencies (Dark Desires #1) by Emily Elder – Free eBooks Download


I’m a rebellious Little in danger and on the run. I need help, but am I just too stubborn to accept it?
I was born to be a rebel.
Still skateboarding and breaking all the rules at twenty-two, my bright red hair is enough to put off any Daddy looking for a boy.
But I don’t care, I’m not even sure that I want a Daddy.
A run in with a seriously bad biker gang means I need to get out of the city, and fast.
But I’m a city boy, born and raised. This won’t be easy – in more ways than one.
Vince Armand has spent his entire life in the country. He’s rough, tough, and has no time for delicate city ways. I don’t think we’re going to get along well at all.
With a body carved from oak and the demeanor of a grouchy bear, I can’t deny how impossibly hot Vince is.
Vince says he’ll look after me as a favour to his fellow Daddy friend in the city, but with all his rules I can’t see how it will work out…
But when our mutual attraction becomes too hot to handle, it might just place everyone in Little Rapids at risk.

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