The Grumpy Billionaire Delaneys Collection by Willow Finn (ePUB)

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The Grumpy Billionaire Delaneys Collection by Willow Finn – Free eBooks Download


A Firefighter. A Mountain Man. A Pilot.
All grumpy.
All secret billionaires
All – the Delaney Brothers.

Heirs to a hugely successful family ranching business, the Delaney brothers are down-to-earth, hard-working, passionate men. While keeping their wealth under wraps, their run-ins with smart and sassy women make their lives complicated.

#1 – Grumpy Billionaire Firefighter – Jesse
My landlord is a grump and good-looking to boot. I want to get along but I never should have become this firefighter’s roommate.
I moved to Lantana to open a shop with my friend Maria. My new landlord is grumpy and has no time for my curious questions.
He’s rarely around. Gone for two or three days at a time when not fighting fires.
With his good looks, short dark hair, and fit body, he probably has a girlfriend. But he throttles my efforts to find out.
During a storm we get stuck together and I think I’m finally cracking his crabby shell. But no such luck. He disappears. This man is not only grumpy but mysterious. And I’m being drawn closer to him.
Alone in my shop one day, I hear a noise and then smell smoke …

#2 – Grumpy Billionaire Mountain Man – Luke
As a successful chef, I never expected to work for a grumpy mountain man. Nor did I expect to fall in love with him.
My career was going great and I had a fiance. Then text messages and photos of Mark with my co-worker were enough for me to call it quits. With everything! I was off to be a cook at a fishing lodge.
Luke, the owner of the lodge, is a ruggedly handsome ex-Ranger. But he’s grumpy and doesn’t like my menu ideas. And I’m stubborn and stand my ground.
He plays guitar in a band – and the words he sings speak to my heart and show a caring side. He’s drawing me in.
A snowstorm hits and we’re stuck together. Outside we slip on ice, fall together, and – kiss. My heart is melting and I sense he feels the same. I’m thinking this could be the start of something special.
But my ex shows up and wants to renew our engagement. My mind and heart are topsy-turvy. I wonder if I should return to the life I had so many hopes for or let my love unleash on this man in the mountains.

#3 – Grumpy Billionaire Pilot – Gabe
Note to self – Don’t get stuck in a blizzard with a grumpy pilot.
My photography career is stalled. I need to get to Oregon – quick – and my career could take off.
The private pilot I hire is very handsome – dark hair, nice build – but short on words. His gruff exterior puts me off but I need him for this assignment.
Adding to Mr. Grumpy’s attitude is an unexpected blizzard, forcing us to make an emergency landing. Now we’re stuck together in a hotel.
I begin to see a whole other side to this ex-Navy pilot. He’s calming me down as I’m freaking out. I didn’t expect to find a bit of cinnamon roll under that rough exterior.
A power outage adds more chaos to our dilemma, and we’re forced to share a room. And a kiss. Now I wonder if this is the beginning of something special or just a weekend fling thing.

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