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Cosmic God (Gods of Melody #1) by Esme Taylor – Free eBooks Download


I thought my life hit rock bottom when my mum died, but I was wrong.
Things got a whole lot worse.
Those things stole my confidence and made me so afraid that I tried my hardest to become invisible.
Except now I’m on tour with one of the biggest rock bands in the world. The Cosmic Gods want me to spend the next six months traveling the world with them to ghostwrite their story.
It would help me sort my money problems, I’d get to see the world and maybe it would drag me out of the funk I’ve fallen into.
But how do you stay invisible when you’re with the Cosmic Gods? Crazy fans, serial stalkers, and press wanting their moment with four of the most famous people in the world.
And how do you stay hidden when one God, in particular, pulls you into his orbit?
What’s a girl to do when Tanner Hastings asks you to trust him? I mean, surely things can’t get worse than they are already. Can they?

I messed up. Big time. And now, I’m here being forced into 6-months of sobriety or risk losing it all.
Sobriety leaves me raw and exposed. Emotions that I usually would have silenced with my addictions slam into me harder than a truck and I have no idea how to cope.
Until her.
Her lips. Her smile. Her foot rubs. In fact, I’ll take anything I can get from her if it helps me stay afloat and not sink into the bottom of a glass.
Emmy Winters slipped into our Cosmic God constellation and helped us heal. She saved all of us.
But my past is catching up with me and the voice in my head that reminds me that everyone leaves me, in the end, is getting louder.
The more of her I crave, the further away she slips. The harder I grip, the more she breaks.
She trusted me with her past and her heart and I’ve just betrayed them both.
In the end, I just hope she knows how far I’d go to protect her. I’d die for her.
I’m dying for her right now, and I don’t regret a thing.

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