Clown Motel by Lani Lynn Vale (ePUB)

clown motel, lani lynn vale

Clown Motel (Welcome to the Circus #4) by Lani Lynn Vale – Free eBooks Download


It’s not every day you meet a man at the bar, stare at him for hours, and then right when you decide to make a move, he gets up to leave. Worse, when you follow him outside, you see him completely change his appearance by shucking a wig and a button down shirt, dropping them into the nearest trash can.
When Crimson looks around to see who noticed the complete one-eighty that’s just taken place, not a single person notices or cares. When she looks back, he’s gone.

Dejected, she leaves, thinking maybe she’d hallucinated and made the whole night up.
Only, just as she passes a dark alley, she’s taken. Literally and figuratively.
That’s the night that Winston Cyrus Osborn, III walks into her life.

Crimson is the worst type of woman.
She’s curious.
And curiosity kills the cat in his line of work.
With nothing else left to lose, he’s set to rid this world of the filth that infests it. And in doing that, he’s made a lot of enemies that would like nothing better than to ruin him and every single person he cares about.
At every turn, she’s there, insinuating herself into his life. And despite his attempts to keep her at arm’s length, she blows past every single barrier he erects.
He should really stay away.
He should also make sure that she stays out of his business.
Yet, he keeps letting her in. And she keeps reminding him why he wants her to stay.

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