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Berserker God (Brides of the Stone Sky Gods #2) by Ursa Dax – Free eBooks Download


I’ve been trapped in the darkness of berserker rage for eons, with nothing and no one strong enough to drag me back into the light. Until her.
When a monstrous alien smashes into the deserted planet we’re studying, it’s with the raging force of a natural disaster. I’m not sure if he’s a dragon or a god or a man. He’s massive and terrible, with scales like emeralds, glowing wings, and only one maddened eye left. In the rush to retreat from this berserk behemoth, my fellow humans leave me behind.
But he doesn’t.
His burning eye lands on me, and it’s like I’m the only thing left in the universe. When he comes for me, his body heaving with violence, I know that he will kill me.
Except when his scales touch my skin, something happens to him.
Maybe happens to both of us.
He calms, and through the fading fury of his gaze I see someone who isn’t quite as monstrous as I thought.
But then he brings me to another planet entirely. Abducting me and forever separating me from the only human friends I have left. He takes me like I’m something that belongs to him.
It doesn’t matter that his touch grows softer every passing day, or that he’s as focused on protecting me as he is possessing me.
It doesn’t matter that he sometimes looks as lost in this new world as I feel, like he’s trying to remember who he used to be. Or who he’s supposed to become.
It doesn’t matter that sometimes I want to reach for him as much as I want to run.
Skallagrim has made it clear that he will never grant me freedom.
In return, I will never grant forgiveness.
Even if it hurts…

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