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after hours contract, marian tee

After Hours Contract (Bad Boy Boss #1) by Marian Tee – Free eBooks Download


I’ve never been attracted to bad boys.
They’re just too full of themselves for my taste, and I hate how they all act like they’re God’s gift to women.
Yeah right.
That may work on others but not me. I’m too smart for that.
But then I start working for Mr. Rochester, and everything changes.
I’ve never met someone more horribly rude and self-centered, and even worse is the way he’s so darn moody.
Just being in his presence makes me feel dizzy.
One moment he’s viciously cruel, another moment he’s exquisitely charming.
One moment he seems invincible and out of my league, another moment he’s broodingly vulnerable and mysteriously tormented.
But the worst part is when he stares at me like…like…
Well, I just hate it, okay?
And I hate HIM.
I hate Mr. Rochester, and if he thinks I’m going to let him get away with acting like my lord and master just because he’s my boss and I find him too irresistible for my own good—
You don’t own me, Mr. Rochester, I hiss at him.
Not yet, my boss whispers back with a smirk.

Previously published as Mr: Rochester: British Bad Boy (Classics Made Smutty).

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