A Viscount to Save her Heart by Bridget Barton (ePUB)

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A Viscount to Save her Heart by Bridget Barton – Free eBooks Download


Isabella Balfour’s heart yearns for freedom, and yet her mother’s relentless scheming thrusts her into a nightmarish betrothal with a man she despises. Trying to escape her unfortunate situation, Isabella seeks respite to a neighboring town, where she stumbles upon Edward and sparks immediately fly between them. Although she shares an unbreakable connection with him, their secret meetings and stolen glances are threatened by the impending scandal…Will Isabella submit to her mother’s plans or will she fight for the love she never sought?

Edward Spencer, Viscount of Birmingham, has been long burdened by his family’s demands and all he yearns for now is a life beyond duty and expectations. While seeking refuge at his uncle’s estate, he crosses paths with Isabella, a captivating and headstrong woman who challenges everything he thought he knew about love. Yet, danger lurks in the shadows and his newfound happiness is thwarted by schemes of arranged marriages and parental pressure. Will he fight for his growing feelings or will he condemn himself to a life of unhappiness?

As Isabella and Edward navigate the treacherous waters of society’s expectations and face unforeseen perils, they must decide whether their love is worth the price of defying their families. Will they bow to the pressure and separate forever, or will they take a stand and fight for the love they’ve so unexpectedly found?

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