Fire in his Highland Heart by Shona Thompson (ePUB)

fire highland heart, shona thompson

Fire in his Highland Heart by Shona Thompson – Free eBooks Download


“A good woman would wait until her wedding night, but she was accused of witchcraft, after all…”

Arguen is desperate after being falsely accused of practicing the dark arts. Her only salvation from burning in the pyre is to escape north. But not even in the Highlands, she can be safe…
Her silver hair, which makes her stand out from the crowd, is a curse. Instead of trusting her healing abilities, everyone is calling her a witch again. Till a fearsome Highlander agrees to protect her…

After the death of his wife, Blake, Laird of clan MacMortie, is in no mood to entertain the whimsical notions of love.
An enchanting lass steps into his castle, but he still believes he cannot fall under her spell. After all, he has a clan to rule, a motherless daughter to raise, and the demons of his past to fight.

Soon, Blake will find Arguen’s charm undeniable, and he won’t be able to control his desire for long.
Still, the danger that lurks around them is unfathomable. For they cannot imagine that a common enemy is rising from the dead to strike…

He will save her from the fire, she will light one in his heart…

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