Wreck Me by Leia King (ePUB)

wreck me, leia king

Wreck Me (TWISTED TORMENT #1) by Leia King – Free eBooks Download


Obsessive. Merciless. Vicious.
They’re trying to ruin me.

Coming back here was a mistake.
They’ve made sure of that.

Enrolling in Luxington University was supposed to be a fresh start.
To escape my past and all the dark and twisted things I’d been caught up in.
But on my very first day all that is put in jeopardy.
I accidentally put myself on their radar.
Three psychopaths who excel at mind games.

Caspian King – the king of the city, ruthless and deadly to those who make the mistake of crossing him.
Sebastian Thorn – the playboy always in the spotlight whose celebrity conceals his broken pieces.
Caleb Rowland – the charismatic loner with a twisted side and a taste for pain.

Powerful, wealthy, flawless, they have the city in the palms of their hands.
But it’s all just a mask.
Beneath it lurks a whole lot of darkness.
They want me to see.
They want me to kneel

Obsession consumes.
Intoxication corrupts.
They think they can swallow me whole.

They’ve targeted the wrong person.
And I’ll make sure they choke on me.

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