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Mafia Rebel (Palermo Mafia #2) by Diane Portman-Ray – Free eBooks Download


“The Disgraced Girl”
Pina grew up ensnared in the unforgiving clutches of the Palermo Mafia, her father serving as the right-hand man to the Don. To her, they were family, even amidst the darkest of circles. But when seismic shifts rock her world, leaving her to navigate the treacherous terrain alone, everything she knows crumbles. Despite the turmoil, one constant remains: her unyielding affection for Garon Caputo.
His azure eyes have always held a depth that mirrors the crashing waves of the sea. From the shadows, Pina has watched, knowing she can never be more than a distant friend to him. Now, as he finally turns his gaze toward her, those once-mesmerizing eyes brim with simmering anger.

“The Broken Caputo Son”
Garon, the youngest son of the powerful Caputo dynasty, grapples with a shattered self-image, marred by ceaseless anguish. Deemed the black sheep of the Caputo brood, he rebels against every tenet in their code. To the world, he is a young man awash in opulence and power, too ensnared in hedonistic pursuits to grasp the gravity of life. Little do they know, he battles inner demons with fervor.
Pina never registered on his radar; a line of women vied for his attention, each eager for a taste of his allure. His little sister’s closest friend was never a contender for Garon. Yet now, all he craves is to harbor disdain for her, for the sins of her kin. Unexpectedly, it is Pina alone who brings solace, steadying him on the precipice of his fate. She is his sanctuary, and Garon will stop at nothing to shield what rightfully belongs to him.

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