Wrath’s Call by Kate M. Hopley (ePUB)

wrath's call, kate m hopley

Wrath’s Call (The Sanctuarium Saga #1) by Kate M. Hopley – Free eBooks Download


The balance between sin and virtue is at stake in a world where demons, angels, and humans roam free.

Marik, the demon emissary of wrath responsible for the balance of sins and virtues on Earth, finally learns the full truth of an ancient prophecy. One that confirms his worst fear, archangels are attempting to abolish sin on Earth. But the divination foretells that balance can be maintained if Marik can find the chosen being to restore order.
Meanwhile, a young healer named Aeryn Ryan is up for guild selection—a fate she desperately wants to avoid. Having completed her spell casting studies at Red Pines Academy, one of the seven guilds tasked with policing rogue immortals will take her into their fold. But as a female healer, she is more likely to end up in a breeding camp than hunting down immortals. But that is the least of her worries. Aeryn harbors a secret—one so unnatural it would send her to a guild lab as a test subject. Her only chance to avoid this fate is a costly, well-timed escape plan. But when people at the academy are murdered, all clues point to Aeryn, dismantling her plans.
With time running out, Marik goes undercover at the academy during the selection, desperately trying to locate the chosen one. There he meets the enigmatic Aeryn. Convinced she is the one to fulfill the prophecy, he must prevent her from falling into the Guild hands before she is forever lost to the sickness of the Guilds.

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