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wrath, kiki burrelli

Wrath (Wolves of Resurrection Road) by Kiki Burrelli – Free eBooks Download


Mateo’s soulmate may be out there, but Mateo has no intention of finding him. Being bound to Mateo would be a punishment. He doesn’t have the charm or patience of his pack mates and he refuses to let fate force a person to be with him. As the mission to save the world continues, his once small pack is growing and Mateo can see there is no place for him and his disdain. The day was always coming when Mateo would say goodbye to his pack brothers and he’s put it off long enough. It’s time he did everyone a favor and disappear.

Bruno learned as a child that family didn’t mean forever. Not when every time he falls asleep, he becomes a danger to everyone around him. With a body that has more padding than muscle, he looks harmless. But beneath his curvy exterior lurks a monster that doesn’t care who it hurts. Bruno lives separate from the world, avoiding anything that might make him lose control. Until he meets Mateo accosting a vending machine in the middle of the night. The man is assertive and hotheaded. And, for some insane reason, decides Bruno’s protection is his responsibility.

Bruno is exactly the type of man Mateo should stay far away from. He’s gentle, sweet, and in trouble. He’d also be a good liar if Mateo couldn’t hear his heart patter each time Bruno tries to tell Mateo he’s fine. He isn’t, but he also won’t tell Mateo what’s wrong. Too bad for him, Mateo is stubborn, and he’s not leaving Bruno’s side until he finds out.

But Bruno isn’t the only one with secrets. He has no idea Mateo is a wolf shifter or that shifters exist. Ignorance is bliss—and safety—except, when Mateo’s interest becomes a full-blown obsession, keeping his hands to himself is not just impossible, but unacceptable. He wants to do more than touch Bruno’s body, he wants to claim him. But first, he’ll have to convince Bruno he’s powerful enough to face the monster lurking in Bruno’s nightmares.

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