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wraith, stella frost

Wraith (Rogues of the Zathari #4) by Stella Frost – Free eBooks Download


I was cursed from birth, but she could be my salvation.

Born in a prison and forgotten by the Wayfarers, I’m not destined for a starbound mate like my idiot brothers. When I go home to rest and recuperate from a taxing treasure hunt on a radioactive planet, I’m just killing time until the next lucrative job takes me off-planet.
Until I meet her. Naela’s fiery and smart and beautiful, and she hates me. Maybe because I threatened to shoot her the first time we met.
But when the pretty human miraculously gives me a second chance, I have to wonder if the Wayfarers have a plan for me after all. And when she enlists my help in plotting a ridiculous – but brilliant – scheme to sweep a bunch of kids off of the same prison planet that haunts my memories, I take the deal.
Scheming together gives me a chance to spend more time with her, but our relationship is delicate. She’s carrying heavy secrets and deep scars, and I know that one wrong move could destroy her. I’ve outrun the law and slain leviathans on forgotten worlds, but earning Naela’s trust is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. And in the end, her demons may be too big for me, but I’ll fight to the very end for her.

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