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wicked reckoning, kj jackson

Wicked Reckoning (Guardians of the Bones) by K.J. Jackson – Free eBooks Download


A stubborn earl in need of an heir. A female guardian desperate to save her sister from certain death. She needs his resources. He needs her womb. If they can find a way not to hate each other, one dangerous marriage-of-convenience may become the salvation they both need.

An earl not willing to move on from the past.
Magnus Faldon, the new Earl of Thorburn, is hell-bent on recapturing a life lost to him long ago. But in order to accomplish that, brutal revenge against the one man who took everything from him is necessary. Revenge he’ll die for. But first, he needs to ensure the future of the earldom with an heir. And for that, he needs a wife. A wife strong and canny enough to protect their child from danger, should his plans for revenge go awry.

A fiery guardian with secrets that haunt her.
Daphne is a guardian with secrets. The biggest one being she has a sister working in a brothel under control of the one man Daphne fears—Bloodwater. Her fear of him is rightly placed, and in order to save her sister, she needs money enough to last a lifetime, so she agrees to the Earl’s outlandish proposal—marry him and have his heir.

A marriage without entanglements.
Ill-advised to marry the earl, but Daphne has reached desperation—if she doesn’t get her sister away from Bloodwater soon, her sister’s life will surely be forfeit. Plus, Magnus promises her no real entanglements—exactly as she needs it.

When they discover they have a common enemy—Bloodwater—this unlikely couple reluctantly joins forces, only to find out the real danger is to their hearts. Salvation in each other, if they can both find way to stay alive.

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