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When & Where (Far From Home #6) by Rebecca Ruger – Free eBooks Download


Local news reporter Autumn Winters’ life is simply perfect. She has a job she loves in a city that loves her, a fiancé who adores her, friends she can count on through thick and thin, her entire life mapped out, one ideal chapter after another. Having begged her boss to send her to Scotland to explore the strange, unsolved disappearances of five American women from the Highlands of Scotland, she travels across the ocean meaning to make a bigger, bolder name for herself in investigative journalism. She’s uncovered a clue the authorities know nothing about, having been given the journal of the woman most recently gone missing. Of course, she doesn’t believe any part of the cryptic mention of time-travel, but considers that it might be a fascinating, news-worthy angle for this on-going story.

Marcus McInnes is as cold as they come. People would more readily bless themselves upon hearing his name than eagerly claim him as kin or friend. He’s foiled and vexed his enemies and has snuffed out more lives than any man should ever have need to, quite sure he’s seen more hell than heaven. His head is turned by war, freedom, and justice—issues worthy of his time—and not by cloying, fussy women. And yet he has no idea what to do with the high-strung, uncompromising beauty who bedevils him as much as she infuriates him.
But then he cannot honorably ignore her: the arrow protruding from her shoulder when first they meet was in fact fired by one of his soldiers.

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