Washed Up (With A Kraken) by L.E. Eldridge (ePUB)

washed up, le eldridge

Washed Up (With A Kraken) (Trapped with a Monster #2) by L.E. Eldridge – Free eBooks Download


Culinary student Quinn is excited to finally move up in her culinary career when she lands an internship of a lifetime on Coastal Cruises. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime, and an adventure that will take her across the sea.
The only downside? It means spending the summer with her lazy rival, who’s only there because his father is a famous chef. And he isn’t afraid to play dirty…

…even if that means throwing her overboard.
Jorah isn’t like other krakens. While most prefer silence and independence, Jorah thrives on a hidden island, bustling with other paranormals. Yet, something is still missing from their life—until the ocean guides them to a human. Drawn to her determination and charm, Jorah has no intention of letting go.

Quinn wants to leave, but Jorah insists that she owes them a life debt…but that’s no foundation for a relationship. Will they work through their differences and find a way to be together?
Or has this relationship–and Quinn’s career–been washed up from the start?

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  • Washed Up (With A Kraken) – L.E. Eldridge ePUB



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