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Wall St Jerk (Sugar Promise) by Megan Wade – Free eBooks Download


I didn’t even want this job. But when you’re late to the meeting because your electric went out again, sometimes you get volunteered for things you don’t want.
And let me to tell you, no one wanted this job.
It wasn’t the pay. It wasn’t the perks—although, admiring Ronan Kennedy from afar is definitely a perk. It was the fact that close-up, Ronan’s good looks couldn’t hide the fact that he was a nightmare to work for.
He expected everyone around him to work and play as hard as he did. But what he didn’t understand, was that he was in a league of his own. No one could keep up with him, least of all me—the girl who enjoys knitting in front of the television before calling it a night at 9pm. But now, I’m expected to work through dinner then drink my way through morning and still show up with a pep in my step.
I’m not made for this life!
But I’m also not made for the unemployment queue, so I guess it’s time to knuckle down and survive on his grumpy-hotness’s smoldering good looks as fuel to my fire. I’ll either end up giving Ronan Kennedy a run for his money, or…well…I’ll be dead and it won’t matter.
Either way, I’m gonna need to put my big girl panties on for this.

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