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The Light (Dark Fae: Black World #5) by Quinn Blackbird – Free eBooks Download


One dark fae prince, one sickly human, and one deadly bargain.

April’s heart is as miserable as the day Daein married her. Navigating the dangers of dokkalf politics with the protection of her fae husband and the resentment of her daughter, April is soon forced to face the truth of her ancestry – where exactly did she come from, and how does that help the light fae who entice her?
Elden, suspicious in April’s growing relationships with the light fae in the newly formed Lesser Courts, sends the sisterhood to spy on her – and find out exactly what his old enemy is up to behind her husband’s back.
But then, when Daein gifts Elden with a special human concubine plucked from a light prince’s harem, Elden’s whole world is flipped upside down and his priorities are in danger of muddying along with his once-sharp and devious mind.
Daein does all that he can to keep the love of his life in his arms. But with each passing day, April’s sadness grows and she draws further and further away from him.
It’s not just the royal dark fae who are facing threats to their stabilities. It’s the darkness, too. The power of the dark ones…
The light of the wastelands is spreading.
No one knows how to stop it. Or, if they do know, they make no efforts to fight the spread.
With the light strengthening, her pain growing, and her family fracturing, April learns how much more she must sacrifice for herself … and the greater good.

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