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Viripotent (East Coast Bratva #1) by A.X. Cole – Free eBooks Download


Viripotent: Marriageable, able to sire children

The Devil & The Heiress
Inessa has been raised to know that the only freedoms she will be granted comes from a strong alliance. But the offer changes. She won’t be trapped in an arranged marriage. It will instead become her pathway to true freedom.
Accepting a deal from the devil is never a good start, even if her grandfather, as Pakhan, also signs beside her.
What would you do to leave?
Three things made Vlad Vartanov, three things kept him alive, and three things are to be protected.
Marrying the Pakhan’s granddaughter will ensure the protection of the only three things that will be left of his life after a lifetime of living for vengeance.
One goal has remained his motivation since he was 13 years old: get to the top of the Bratva, then destroy everyone.
But three syllables make him question everything.

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