Room One Hundred and Twenty by Nyla Lily (ePUB)

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Room One Hundred and Twenty (Sweet Desserts) by Nyla Lily – Free eBooks Download


At eighteen, I left everything behind to follow what many people considered a pipe dream. Everyone too, including the man who owned my heart.

Years later, running a small town bakery isn’t cutting it, especially after a bad PR crisis. Now I’m at risk of losing everything.
When a too-good-to-be-true offer comes my way, I can’t say no. Even if it means moving back to the city I grew up in.
Thanks to my desperation, not only do I have to face an old relationship, but he’s technically the one signing my paycheck. He’s not alone either. With two men at his side, I know trouble when I see it.
They want something and it’s not my desserts. Those hungry stares I catch in the corner of my eye can only be fed by one thing–me. Their next offer isn’t anything like the first, but it’s just as tempting.

Once I step into their world, there’s no turning back.

* * * * * * *

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