Vicious Waltz by JS Harker (ePUB)

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Vicious Waltz (Fang and Dagger #2) by JS Harker – Free eBooks Download


How long can Zack pretend to belong to Roger’s world?

Zack Wright should be happy. He has a hot boyfriend and a mission that will turn him into a vampire hunting legend. All he has to do is put his training into practice. But his charmed life is rife with problems, the greatest of which is Roger’s reluctance to form a plan to tackle their target.
Roger is stronger than he’s ever been. Months of recuperation in Taliville have given him a freedom he hasn’t known in centuries. The prospect of taking on his sire is suddenly daunting, but his time in paradise is running out. If Roger doesn’t take control of the coven, he’ll have to endure his sire’s cruelty. And so will Zack and countless others.
At the last moment, a new addition is made to their conspiracy. Takashi Sato is a polished vampire who has a history with Roger. Seeing a charming man cozy up to Roger, Zack wonders if he truly belongs at Roger’s side. Can he keep up his masquerade as Roger’s pet? Will Roger find the courage to face his nightmares? Or will both misstep into a destructive oblivion?

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