Veiled in Stars and Silver by J. Ann Curtis (ePUB)

veiled stars, j ann curtis

Veiled in Stars and Silver (Enemies Ever After) by J. Ann Curtis – Free eBooks Download


He’s the dread pirate captain who kidnapped her brothers.
She’s out for revenge.

For seven years, Wendy has been preparing for the day that she can finally return to Neverland, rescue her brothers, and take her vengeance on Captain Hook. But when she finally returns, things in Neverland aren’t how Wendy remembers.
Since when did Peter come off shallow and grating? And the captain of the Jolly Roger has a strange allure that is oddly difficult to resist. When Peter tells her that her brothers are dead, her world is shattered.
And yet, Hook claims they are alive. He will lead her to them if she retrieves a powerful weapon capable of destroying all of Neverland. She can’t trust his searing forget-me-not gaze. She shouldn’t agree. But Wendy will do anything to find her brothers.

Even bargain with evil itself in the form of one James Hook.

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