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rescue, julianna foxe

Rescue (Pinegrove Mountain #3) by Julianna Foxe – Free eBooks Download


One curvy girl. One hot fireman. One tent. Two days in the forest that change them forever.

Drew was determined to find clues to connect the arson cases in the national forest to the decade-old missing person case that is now the talk of his hometown. What he does not expect is to get pepper sprayed in the eyes when tries to help a damsel in distress. When Drew’s eyes finally clear, he can’t get enough of Lucy’s luscious curves. Could the free-spirited and unpredictable woman be just what Drew needs to shake him from safe and comfortable life? Maybe if he can get them out of the forest alive and away from the real danger, he might just find out.
What was supposed to be an easy hike to cross off her bucket list turned into two days on the run in the forest with a hot fireman…
Lucy has always been afraid to give in to her desire to embrace her wild side. In an effort to connect with her late father, she’s on leave from her job and traveling the country in a camper van to check out all his favorite spots. But when she’s accosted near a trail just outside the small mountain of Pinegrove Mountain, she’s thrust into a bigger adventure than she was expecting.
Fighting for survival, snuggling for warmth, and sharing a tent may bond them while they are in the forest, but how will things change when they get back to their regular lives? Or will they find that nothing will be the same again?

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