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Unmatched Devil (Damaged Devils #7) by Charity Parkerson – Free eBooks Download


Rian has already taken him against his will once. Since then, Kylian can’t stop seeing him everywhere he looks. Now it’s his turn.

As head of the Irish mafia, New York is his town. Just as it was his father’s before him and his father’s father before that. No way will Rian allow Archer Woods to build warehouses for his illegal activities on his turf. He’s had some fun ensuring no one will work on his project. Kidnapped some people just for kicks. Now things are getting serious. He’s tired of playing with Archer. Unfortunately, one person he snatched has him distracted. In his world, that’s not a good thing.
A few months ago, Kylian had been minding his business, thinking about college stuff, when he was stolen from his driveway. While Kylian wasn’t harmed, the entire experience changed him. Terrified him. Kylian isn’t that guy. He’s a fighter. Rian has no idea what he started by messing with Kylian. If only Kylian could stop wanting the man, then maybe he could follow through with his plan to put Rian six feet under.

Unmatched Devil is the seventh book in Charity Parkerson’s Damaged Devils series. These are dark romance stories with crime lords, assassins, and sociopaths who find their hearts. They are best enjoyed when read in order.

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