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Unhinged Kallie (Buchanan Brothers Next Generation #1) by Brooklyn Cross – Free eBooks Download


Carter tries to resist, but I’ll make sure he is mine.

My father, Cain Buchanan, is my hero and one of the most notorious serial killers in the country. He was known as, The Chameleon. You might have heard of him.
Rules are for other people. They didn’t apply to me or my dad. I’d learned all about our family legacy at a young age. That didn’t bother me. But navigating who I was outside of our family farm was proving to be more difficult than I imagined.
Controlling my emotions was always an issue, especially where Carter Kohlmann was concerned. Everyone thought he was my brother, which made falling in love with him, stalking him, and ensuring he stayed mine…tricky.
So how did one learn to control their urges and desires? Maybe for someone like me, Kallie Buchanan, you never did.

At the age of two, my parents were killed in a car crash. That was how I ended up living with not one but five serial killers. That had to be a record. My goal in life was to keep my head down and not give Cain Buchanan any reason to end me. That included getting involved with his daughter Kallie, despite my ever growing feelings for her. So, instead I keep those fantasies locked up tight and only let them out when I’m alone at night.
But when an evil—that almost destroyed our family once—returns, it will take an alliance with the man I fear the most to ensure that the woman I love comes home. No one touches Kallie, but me.

People would call Kallie crazy, but I called her mine.

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