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Twisted Surrender (Sweet but Twisted Christmas) by Carolina Jax – Free eBooks Download


Police Chief Vincent Hunter
I went to battle for everyone else around me. I aspired to be in law enforcement so I could fight for those who can’t. The military made me cold, and moving into the police force secured that. I don’t know how to love when I’ve always been taught to fight.
I deserve to be alone.
The only good I’ve done in my life is take care of my daughter.
I won’t ever do anything to jeopardize our relationship.

Except love her best friend. A woman barely legal to drink, but I want to drink her in all night long

Daisy O’Malley
l’m what you would call an old soul. I need depth, experience, maturity, and passion if I’m going to commit myself to a relationship. Boys my age are just that. Boys. They have no direction and they’re only out for a good time.
I want a long time.
He was unexpected, but exactly what I’ve been looking for. Can we get past the two biggest obstacles he claims can’t allow us to work?
According to him, I’m too young. Doesn’t he realize I could be the fun he needs while he can be the security I long for?

Oh, and one other thing. I’m also his daughter’s best friend. Who says two wrongs can’t make a right?
When surrendering is the only option, you’ve got to go all in.

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