Trusting Her Hero by April Murdock (ePUB)

trusting hero, april murdock

Trusting Her Hero (Billionaire Ranchers Second Generation #6) by April Murdock – Free eBooks Download


Dixie Young needs a husband. Her ranch is failing and the only hope for her family is to find a partner. Her mother wants her to fall in love and marry a man to help, but Dixie is more realistic. And she’s on the rebound. After a nasty breakup, she finds out she’s pregnant and having a child out of wedlock will not work for her mother.
Junior Shipley has lost at love. Recently. In fact, he’s on the rebound when he finds out about Dixie’s need to get married. He has no grand illusions of marrying the girl of his dreams. He’s well beyond that place now. But he’s willing to settle for comfort and a decent business arrangement.
Two broken hearts coming together for reasons other than love. This has failure written all over it. But it has to work. She needs help for her ranch and a father for her child. He needs a purpose in life. An arranged marriage of convenience seems to be the ticket.
The problem is that Dixie hasn’t mentioned the baby to her husband-to-be. She can’t bring herself to do it. She’s afraid he’ll walk away. But there’s no guarantee he’ll stay once he finds out – even after they’re married.

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