Triplets For The Exiled Prince by Layla Valentine (ePUB)

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Triplets For The Exiled Prince (Even More Babies) by Layla Valentine – Free eBooks Download


He’s the tearaway prince who finally went too far,
Disinherited, exiled from his kingdom, and told to clean up his act…
He’s about to find himself in three times more trouble!

I’ve never been afraid to push the limits of my parents’ patience,
But exile really seems like a step too far.
Landing in nowhere, Arizona, with ten dollars to my name,
It’s time for this prince to learn about the kindness of strangers.
Kate Acres is the angel who takes a chance on me,
She’s my boss, my roommate, the one person who still has my back.
I can’t afford to mess this up,
But high stakes have never stopped me before…

How he wound up in this town is anyone’s guess,
But the mysterious new resident with the delicious accent certainly knows how to make an impression.
He has no resume to speak of, has never washed a dish in his life,
But I needed the help, and he gave me that and so much more…
We crossed a line, and now I’m the one forced to pay the price,
Three babies, in line to a foreign throne,
And no way to tell their royal daddy!

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