Addy’s Forbidden Daddy by L.G. Knight (ePUB)

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Addy’s Forbidden Daddy (Little Hearts Club #1) by L.G. Knight – Free eBooks Download


Addy Prescott has known for ten years who her forever Daddy is. The problem is, he’s out of her reach. Not only is he her father’s best friend, he’s also twice her age, a co-worker, and she’s not certain he’s a Daddy. When Addy overhears a phone call that proves he’s perfect for her, she sets out to win his heart.
Tobias Chambers has lusted over his best friend’s daughter for five years but he can’t have her. Right? He’s twice her age, he shouldn’t be fantasizing about her but he can’t help it, she’s perfect. At least, she would be, if she was a Little. When Tobias finds Addy at the exclusive Little Hearts Club, all the reasons he can’t have her fly out the window. He decides to make her his.

Can their relationship weather the storms that are sure to come their way? Can Tobias keep his Little and his best friend, or will he have to give one of them up?

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