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He’s a notorious lapsed money launderer who just wants to avoid his mob-affiliated financial failures by being hammered and entertained by women. She’s a sarcastic delinquent determined to leave the state and her legal troubles behind, that is, if she could just get some money…

On the run from the police, Carmella wants nothing more than to leave the state of Florida. When she finds herself in desperate need of food, safety, and, most importantly, cash, the open window of a used furniture store is an invitation she can’t refuse. The lure of an easy payday and the opportunity for a night off the streets is too hard to ignore. But the building isn’t as unoccupied as it looks. Caught by the owner Luke Reeves, Carmella is given a choice; work for the shady boss and make a buck, or she can take her chances with the cops.
A few nude photos and a couple of folded twenties later, she’s suddenly his lead saleswoman. Maybe Luke isn’t as skeezy as he seems. Maybe he’s worse. One thing’s for certain…the longer she’s with him, the more dangerous both their lives become.

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