Her Scarred Heart by Miranda Martin (ePUB)

her scarred heart, miranda martin

Her Scarred Heart (Red Planet Fated Mates #6) by Miranda Martin – Free eBooks Download


The cataclysmic crash of the generation ship on the unforgiving red sands of Tajss left me marred, etching scars into my flesh and soul. The trauma hurt all of us but no one bears its physical remnants quite like me. Every waking moment feels like a battle against the memories of that fateful day, and some days, the weight of survival becomes almost unbearable.
Avoiding mirrors in a desperate attempt to shield myself from the painful reminders of what I’ve lost and what I’ve become. The reflection staring back at me serves as a haunting testament to the horror of that day, a constant reminder of the fragility of life and the mercilessness of fate.
Yet, amidst the darkness that threatens to consume me, there is a flicker of hope. Provyd, one of the alien-dragon men called Zmaj. When he looks at me, for a moment at least, I forget the scars that mar my body. Could even my twisted visage find love on Tajss?

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