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Meeting Aaron was the biggest mistake of my life. Not the addictions or my career choice, but the man I chose to marry. He wanted men to hurt me so he could ride in on the white horse to rescue me and take me away from the person he commanded to cause me all the pain in the first place. He was no hero. No white knight.
Aaron took it too far when he brought a man to our home who looked past the bruises and saw the broken woman beneath them. Ryan was fiercely protective from the moment he laid his eyes on me and received his assignment. His dark confidence was more intoxicating than any drug, and I found myself wanting more of it.
Would I be able to find my way out of the hell I was forced to call home?

Toxic Love is one of the first stories in Lauren Biel’s “After Dark” novellas. These stories will have more steam or spice in them than her novels.
TW: Abuse, dubious consent, sexual content, violence, and substance abuse
This contemporary dark romance novella is strongly recommended for adult readers only.

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