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The Trick (Pasts That Haunt #1) by N.J. Weeks – Free eBooks Download


Ah, Halloween…what a delightfully wicked time of year.

But for some people, like Blair Van Tassel, it comes with a haunting reminder of the past she is trying to put behind her.
And this Halloween, it marks the 15th anniversary of when she set up her Instant Messenger friend: Boogeyman_Of_Haddonfield_31to take the fall for a crime she committed.
She thought her plan was fool proof. Lure him to the scene of the crime just in time for him to leave fingerprints on the weapon, leading the murderous trail that she started to him.
But that’s the thing with the internet.
Do you ever really know who is on the other side of the screen?
Can you even fathom what domino effect can begin by simply screwing with the wrong person?
These are things Blair never considered.
She thought she set up Boogeyman_Of_Haddonfield_31 but what she really started was a war with Maddox Crane.
The mad man of Sleepy Hollow. Who has an insatiable taste for blood.
And in a town that thrives on a good fright, Blair better hope that her screams are heard and aren’t buried within the landscape of Halloween night.
That is, if she even survives it.

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