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Gabe Knight, wide receiver for the Savannah Rockets loved what the game gave him more than playing until a season-ending injury almost took it all away. The game, the life he was living. Everything he thought he knew he wanted.
But, this season, he’s back in love with football. Even if he’s not sure what the future looks like beyond this year, and where he wants to be. Until she storms into his life.
The woman who pushes all his buttons, and makes him crazy.
Serena Jolie is the best sports agent at Fortress Sports Agency. The Fixer. And when her boss, Kellan Horne, sends her to meet with a football player in his place when his flight is canceled, things go from bad to worse. Football is the one thing she can’t stand. And football players? Even worse.
And after arriving in the hot and humid south, she’s even more ready to watch the cocky player fumble.
All’s fair in love and war.
And for Serena, it’s war. Because she can’t stand football players or the game they play.
The enemy? A cocky wide receiver who thinks he knows everything about her from one look. But he hasn’t seen a thing yet.
But he will…

Author’s note: This edition has been updated with added content and is now a part of the Overtime Series.

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