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locked in, lori matthews

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In the quaint town of Cedar Bluff Maine lies a mystery that even the most secure locks can’t contain.

Flynn O’Connor, a top-tier operative from the Lock and Key Society, is dispatched to the enigmatic Everlasting Manor—a property whispered to be haunted. Guests report unsettling voices and inexplicable disappearances. While he’s quick to dismiss ghostly tales as mere pranks, the grim discovery of a girl’s body jolts him into action.
Harper Edwards, the town’s fiery Deputy Mayor is convinced that the mansion hides more than just echoes of the past. She believes the manor holds clues to the girl’s fate and she’s determined to find out the truth.
Drawn together by a web of intrigue, Flynn and Harper must decrypt the manor’s darkest secrets while fighting their own dangerous attraction. But as they dig deeper, they’re about to realize that some doors, once opened, can never be closed again… Just how far will they go before the manor claims its next victim?

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