Threats and Promises by Barbara Delinsky (ePUB)

threats promises, barbara delinsky

Threats and Promises by Barbara Delinsky – Free eBooks Download


After her estranged brother dies, Lauren Stevenson inherits his substantial legacy, allowing her to finally fix a medical condition that’s plagued her all her life. The results of the plastic surgery are nothing less than astounding. In the mirror, Lauren sees a whole new person.

But that’s just the beginning. The shop Lauren has opened in Boston with her best friend is an instant success, and she’s even bought a farmhouse that she can’t wait to renovate. The only thing missing in her life is romance—until Matt Kruger shows up outside of her shop.
A friend of her late brother, Matt is in town on business. The rugged builder is everything Lauren has ever dreamed about, and they embark on a whirlwind romance. Only, strange things begin happening to Lauren—a garage door misses her by inches, a vicious dog appears out of nowhere, and things in the house seem to have been moved. With danger appearing around every corner, Lauren is convinced she’s being stalked.

Driven by vengeance, someone has set their sights on Lauren—or who they think she is—and they’re getting closer and closer . . .

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