The Wedding Bargain by Avery Snow (ePUB)

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The Wedding Bargain (Hearts of Fern Hollow #8) by Avery Snow – Free eBooks Download


Fifteen years ago, childhood best friends Jenny and Finn made a pact that, if they weren’t married by age 30, they would get married. Jenny always harbored a crush on Finn, but he never seemed interested.
Now, Jenny’s back in Fern Hollow to plan her wedding…but not to Finn.
When Jenny comes home to the idyllic town of Fern Hollow to plan her wedding to another man, she finds herself facing a whirlwind of emotions. Despite the passing years, the feelings she had for Finn during their childhood never truly dissipated, quietly lingering in the depths of her heart.
But as fate would have it, Finn’s emotions have taken an unexpected turn. The boyish playfulness that once defined their friendship has transformed into a profound and undeniable love for Jenny. His heart races whenever she’s near, and he can’t help but wonder if he missed his chance to confess his true feelings all those years ago.
Caught in a web of unspoken desires and tangled promises, Jenny and Finn must confront the bittersweet reality of their situation. Will they honor their pact, now that the timing feels painfully wrong? Or will they find the courage to confront their emotions head-on, risking everything they know to explore a love that has been silently burning between them for years?

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