The Visions From Dreams by Tabetha Waite (ePUB)

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The Visions From Dreams by Tabetha Waite – Free eBooks Download


Miss Marlene St. Clair arrives at Rosedale Heights, the massive, mysterious estate in the heart of the Yorkshire moors, hoping to make a fresh start. With no other choice but to accept the position as a lady’s companion in this far-off place, she soon learns that it isn’t the calm future she had been seeking. The servants are somber and distant, and there is proof of strange happenings, as if the visions that keep plaguing her are not enough of a warning that something is amiss. Worse yet, Marlene finds herself inexplicably drawn to the enigmatic and handsome master of this place. With his cool demeanor and piercing gaze, she can’t seem to resist him…and she isn’t certain she wants to do so.

There is something about this beautiful, young woman that Sir Alaric Gothry finds impossible to ignore. After answering an advertisement to become a companion for his elderly aunt, the moment Marlene enters his study, he is entranced, held prisoner by her spell. Unfortunately, he’s also learned the hard lesson that trust is difficult to come by. His past does not allow him to get too close to anyone. He holds a compelling secret that, should it be discovered, would destroy him and the personal fortress that he’s built for protection. As an adversary from his past begins to move in and threaten all he holds dear, Alaric has no choice but to act. He will do whatever is necessary to save Miss St. Clair from a miserable fate—even if it means giving up his own life in the process.

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