The Trouble With Falling by Shaw Hart (ePUB)

trouble falling, shaw hart

The Trouble With Falling (Honey Peak #1) by Shaw Hart – Free eBooks Download


Elijah Grove is the absolute worst.
And he knows it too.
Mainly because I’ve told him so every day since I’ve met him.
I wish that I could just avoid him for the rest of my life but that’s hard to do when we live in this small town.
I thought that we were on the same page about ignoring each other but then one night he shows up at my bakery and offers me a deal.
One that I promptly reject but when he jams his foot in my door and refuses to leave until I hear him out, I relent.
He wants me to be his girlfriend.
It would be fake, obviously. We just need to make it look good and fool his family so that they don’t try to set him up while they’re in town.
In exchange, he’ll help me get my bakery up and running.
I would be an idiot to say yes, but there is a lot of work to be done and we’d only have to pretend for a few days.
I can handle it.
Or I thought that I could, but the more time that I spend around the grumpy giant, the more I start to see that he might not be as bad as I first thought.
But this is all just a façade.
Isn’t it?

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