The Rebirth of Noah by Monica Walters (ePUB)

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The Rebirth of Noah (Written Between the Pages #4) by Monica Walters – Free eBooks Download


Noah Brooks Charles has been living in seclusion for the past two years. Making the most difficult decision of his life has had him in the trenches, wallowing in depression. While he knew it was something he had to do for himself, he feels like he has thrown his family away. As he tries to make a break for happiness, something happens, causing anger and animosity to grab him by the ankles and attempt to drag him back to hell. However, God sends an angel in the form of singer, TAZ, to collaborate with him on a song for her album. She brings a calm to his mental and spiritual chaos, leaving him speechless. A business chat about music turns into a personal one, making him realize that life does go on.

Taryn Ariel Zenith, known to the music industry as TAZ, has lived life on her terms, not focusing on what the masses are doing, but creating her own path. She feels her inner clock is ticking and time is running out on the family she’s always wanted. At forty-four years old, she doesn’t have any children and hasn’t had a meaningful relationship in years. She’s always had an interest in the rapper, Noah, but after speaking with him about a potential collaboration, she gains an interest in Noah, the man. She realizes this attraction could be one-sided, but she wants to subtly show him that she feels like their musical collaboration could become more.

Noah has demons in his past from childhood trauma and a couple of relationships that are difficult to understand. Moving on and releasing himself of guilt has been hard. TAZ doesn’t know if she can compete with the women in his life, and somewhat regrets trying to pursue anything beyond friendship. Can they move past what should be in their rear view and live in their present to assure their future, or will they allow former relationships to dismantle everything?

*This book is an update to The Book of Noah.

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