A Pocket of Stars by Laura Rollins (ePUB)

pocket of stars, laura rollins

A Pocket of Stars (A Gentleman’s Heart #2) by Laura Rollins – Free eBooks Download


She’s always dreamed of catching the eye of the earl next door.
But is he the man her heart truly desires?

Miss Annabella Pettiford has long dreamed of capturing the attention of the undeniably handsome Lord Waverly. Now, returned from finishing school, she is no longer a gangly wallflower, but a poised and confident woman ready to turn heads wherever she goes. Dare she hope her newfound allure will be enough to captivate the stylish and gallant Lord Waverly?
Mr. Benedict Drake staunchly opposes his best friend’s pursuit of the once-overlooked Annabella. Convinced that his friend’s self-destructive tendencies spell disaster for any match with Annabella, Benedict hatches a plan.
As he works to separate William and Annabella and introduce her to other gentlemen, an alarming realization dawns—Benedict is falling for Annabella. Entranced by her poise, grace, and shared enthusiasm for life, Benedict finds in her a unique connection. However, it may be too late. How could she ever care for him once she learns all he has done to keep her from the man she first desired?

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