The Rebel of Lochaber Forest by Rebecca Ruger (ePUB)

rebel of lochaber forest, rebecca ruger

The Rebel of Lochaber Forest (Highlander: The Legends #7) by Rebecca Ruger – Free eBooks Download


He revels in his notorious legend—the icy, heartless warrior—until he discovers that it makes him the least likely candidate to capture her heart.

Sorcha Reid, haunted by a love lost to the brutality of war, finds solace in the rhythmic hum of the beehives she keeps and the haunting melodies that spill from her heart each night. Shrouded in grief, she sells her songs for sustenance and guards her heart fiercely against any who would seek to breach its walls.
Enter the Earl of Lochmere, Augustus MacKenzie, the notorious Rebel of Lochaber Forest, a warrior with a reputation as formidable as the Highlands themselves. Drawn by Sorcha’s haunting ballads, Augustus is captivated by the beguiling but stubborn beekeeper.
As his personal rebellion gains momentum, Augustus’s mercenary exploits draw him deeper into the struggle for freedom. Amidst the chaos, his encounters with Sorcha kindle a flame that challenges his devotion to duty and war—and his own legend.

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