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The Queen (Blodwen Forest #3) by Megan Derr – Free eBooks Download


Queen Gwenda, increasingly known as Snow White to her people, is a curse. No one will ever convince her otherwise. The result of a forbidden spell that cost her mother’s life, it seems all she does is attract trouble. The Bloody Beauty who murdered her father. The terrifying Bluebeard who came to Blodwen in search of revenge. Now an illness plagues her people, and the only clue to its origins is a strange song that plays every night, a song that even Blodwen Forest cannot locate.

All Gwenda wants is for her kingdom to be happy, healthy, and at peace. No more killers, no more curses, no more nights spent wondering what nightmare will befall them next. If she can ever achieve that, maybe she’ll at last be able to fulfill a few private wishes of her own and build a life that isn’t filled with tragedy and death and lonely nights.

Everything changes with the arrival of a stranger, a man dragged to the castle in chain for daring to impersonate a noble, who wears unusual red boots and will not be parted from his peculiar cat. A man who unexpectedly bears knowledge of the music, the only to survive its terrible workings years ago, back when the musician enchanted and murdered everyone he knew in the long forgotten village of Hamelin…

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