Song of the Fae by Tricia O’Malley (ePUB)

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Song of the Fae (The Wildsong #1) by Tricia O’Malley – Free eBooks Download


She sings the song that only his heart can answer.

His loyalty lies with the Royal Fae Court and with his people. Love is a distraction that royal warrior, Nolan, will not let ruin his future.
Alone and distrustful, Imogen refuses to accept her attraction for the warrior after he steals her ship and forces her on a quest where Dark Fae battle good and magick rules the night.
A prophecy realized.
The Dark Fae have risen, determined to wreak havoc upon the unsuspecting people of Ireland. Their goal? To destroy the woman in the prophecy before she discovers her magick and shatters their chance to claim the throne.
Now, Imogen stands between the Dark Fae and their rise to power, and Nolan finds his need to protect her overshadows everything – even his loyalty to the crown.
Are they fated…or fools? A song cuts through the darkness, binding the two forever – if only they’ll open their hearts to listen.

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