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The Princess of Dreams (The Realm Walker Prophecies #1) by Sara Fawn – Free eBooks Download


There is a realm known as Solaris. A home to Shifters, Warlocks, Demons, and Fae. With only one being that they all fear. A being that is cruel and murderous, but has grown hungry for power. No one knows the true name of the being, but most refer to it as The Realm Walker.

On the night of Vitaalmai, Maeve is given The Dream by The Eyes. A prophecy where she could save her realm from the future that awaits them. If she can learn to trust her four bestowed mates with more than her life. Only with all four of her bonds in place will they be strong enough to win. But will she be able to solidify her bonds, knowing one of them is destined to betray her? Will she be willing to put her trust in them all, knowing one of them isn’t worth trusting?
One prophecy seen by The Eyes. Four mates bestowed. Will the threads that bond them, be what tears their realm apart?
The Princess of Dreams is book one of two in The Realm Walker Prophecies series. It is a paranormal why-choose romance and all characters are over the age of eighteen. It contains mature subject matter that may not be suitable for all readers. Please be aware of your triggers. This series contains strong language, violence, trauma, physical abuse, kidnapping, and war themes.

This book was originally published December 2022 under the same title and author but has been heavily revised and edited.

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